In GroovaRoo Dance™ classes, your baby is your dance partner. We want to ensure that you and your dance partner have a safe and joyful dance experience together. 

Open Airway 

Keep your baby’s airway open throughout class, with the support of the carrier. Airflow to your baby should not be obstructed by blankets or any other materials.

Spread Squat 

Baby’s legs should be in a spread-squat position, so that their hip joint is properly supported for growth. In general, baby’s knees should be higher than their bottom.

Facing In

Baby should be worn facing in during class to provide the most support for you and your baby. By facing your baby in, you can give adequate neck and back support, while your baby maintains a spread-squat position.

Temperature & Hydration 

It is very important to monitor baby’s temperature throughout class to ensure they are not overheating. We take several breaks to cool off and re-hydrate for both, you and your baby. We recommend dressing baby in lightweight clothing and utilizing a carrier with breathable material.

High & Tight

Wear your baby high on your body, above your center of gravity. This makes the baby feel lighter. You should be able to tilt your head forward and kiss the top of your baby’s head. Wear your baby tight against your body, so when you lean forward, there is no separation between you and your baby.

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