28 Apr “He slept the whole time, so perfect!”

Santa Cruz, what can we say? People may say they left their heart in San Francisco, but we definitely left our soul in Santa Cruz. The green trees, the fresh air, the ocean waves, the openness of people, everything that fuels us is here. Luckily, we planned our trip to spend three night and two full days in this soulful paradise. As mentioned in the prior vlog, we weren’t sure how Santa Cruzians would receive us, but we had a great turnout for our stop at Luma Yoga. Valerie Moselle, the founder of Luma Yoga, believes in the same inclusive vision of creating bringing families together to stretch, move and have fun together.

All our TulaRoo Santa Cruz participants were so open to whatever we threw at them, so much so that we felt inspired to share one of our intermediate level GroovaRoo Dance favorites, Ice Ice Baby (watch it below). Congratulations goes out to TulaRoo Santa Cruz winner, Summer Levinson. When asked what she enjoyed most about the workshop, she said, “He (the baby) slept the whole time, so perfect!”

This is a perfect segue to discuss a very common, understandable concern very often expressed to us: “I would love to attend your classes, but it’s during baby’s nap time.” After teaching hundreds of GroovaRoo classes over the past 18 months, here’s our response to this. DANCE TIME for caregiver can be NAP TIME for baby. That’s right, dance time can be nap time. A high percentage of babies fall asleep for the whole class just like Summer’s baby. Perhaps it’s a combination of the constant rocking motion, hearing rhythmic music and/or feeling safely held in the carrier. Whatever the reason, it’s very common to have a full room of sleeping babies in class. So while there’s no guarantee your baby will fall asleep during class, we think it’s worth giving it a try to see if dancing with your baby can possibly be a nap time ritual for you.

When our baby was a newborn, Meeshi used to rock and sing our baby to sleep every night. For us, dancing with our baby wasn’t about getting exercise, it was about connecting rhythmically with our baby and recreating a warm, safe, mobile environment just like baby felt inside the womb. And that typically leads to sleep. If dancing with your baby is a nap time ritual for you, please post below. We’d love to hear about it!

Now off to our next stop on the tour. Sacramento, CA…here we come!

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