23 Apr “Come join all you fathers!”

Day One of our TulaRoo Tour is in the books! It felt appropriate to start off our tour at the very first location that we ever held a GroovaRoo Dance class back in October 2015, Babies in Bloom in Vista, CA, just 30 minutes North of where we live. We had a nice solid group of mamas today, and one great papa in class, Jose Banuelos, whom we interviewed at the end of the vlog entry below.

Jose was able to tryout and wear the Free-to-Grow carrier during our class, and found it super comfortable, easy-to-use and in his own words “you don’t need an engineering degree to put it on.” His baby, Evelyn, was so comfortable she fell asleep on him during class. When asked for any final thoughts, he said “Come join all you fathers!” Yes. Yes. YES! And this from a man who never didn’t enjoy dancing much until he had his baby.

Lesson learned: If a man says he doesn’t like dancing, don’t assume it’s an immutable law of nature. Maybe he hasn’t found the right music that moves him, maybe he hasn’t met the right group of people that makes him feel safe…or maybe he hasn’t felt the deep joy of having his baby fall soundly asleep on his chest while he’s rocking with him/her. Next stop: Mon Beau Bebe in Irvine, CA. Orange County mamas/papas, we still have room in our 2p class. Stop on by!


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