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Do you want to start a GroovaRoo Crew in your city? Or just learn about how to market your already established health, wellness, or fitness company? Are you a fitness or dance instructor who wants to integrate babywearing into your workouts or routines? If so we have the class for you!


We have worked with our panel of experts in the fields of maternal health, psychology, babywearing, and anthropology to create the first and only ACE Certified (pending & approved soon!) Babywearing Movement class to anyone interested in learning more about this vital but overlooked field. We will cover prenatal and postpartum health, maternal mental health, how to properly use 3 of the most popular baby carriers on the market, and proper babywearing safety while moving. Weather you’re groovin’ with your roo at a GroovaRoo class, wanting to integrate babywearing into your fitness or dance classes or just someone who loves having your baby heart to heart with you during the day, this ACE Certified class will give you the skills to safely and confidently wear your baby and move.  Be one of the first to get your certificate in Babywearing Movement by reaching out to us now!


Here at GroovaRoo, our mission is rooted in physical and mental well being with a little added funk. We have created a unique marketing strategy to inspire, educate, and connect with our CareGroovers and we want to share our unique marketing techniques with all health & wellness professionals to reach the people who need you.  In this class we will cover how to create engaging social media content, genuine Grassroots movement techniques and theories, educational marketing strategies, and how to build a community around your mission. With every GroovaRoo Crew that forms, we are holistically and positively affecting lives. If your mission is to do the same with your unique skill set, please contact us about our marketing class!


Love everything GroovaRoo? Have a dance or fitness background? Or a love of social media and marketing? If you want to start your own GroovaRoo Crew in your city then our complete class package is for you! You will go through our unique and only Ace Certified (pending & approved soon!) Babywearing Movement Module, Marketing Module to make sure you get your classes off the ground, AND our GroovaRoo & Soul Line Dance Module which will teach you our unique GroovaRoo dances and techniques. We welcome both individuals and partners to take the full GroovaRoo course that will culminate in a 2 day live training with Amber & Meeshi themselves! As well as marketing workshops led by our Communications & Marketing Manager, Candice. After 2 days of learning, inspiring one another, and building life long friendships, you will head home to lead 2 mock classes for your friends and family and once you have completed all coursework and are confident in launching your GroovaRoo business, you will earn your certificate!


Each of our classes have been authored by experts in their fields and published within an engaging and interactive eLearning platform!


Our NEW classes will launch in October 2018! Contact us NOW for pricing and more info!

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“Dancing with your family is your birthright. Let’s reclaim it for your family and for future generations to come!”