Our dedicated GroovaRoo certified teachers are helping us spread the movement all around the world.



Ami Kay

Fairhope, Alabama

Ami is a new mom with a passion for helping mothers find joy through dance, as well as creating community and connection. Her 15 years of dance experience includes a variety of dance styles such as country line dancing and salsa. GroovaRoo was a perfect fit to merge her passions and she is excited to be a Groovaroo teacher.




Anthea Yugawa

Bay Area, California

Anthea was inspired to become a Groovaroo teacher after taking a hip-hop jazz class in the Spring 2016 that re-sparked her LOVE for dance. She feels that babywearing dance class is the perfect way to blend her passion for dancing to soulful music while connecting with her daughter, Hana (19 months) and other parents and the babywearing community.




Anna Signore

Montclair, California
Anna is thrilled to be combining her two passions, dance and children, into one with GroovaRoo!  Dance has always been a huge part of Anna’s life, and now she and her son, Danny, enjoy dancing together every day.  They can’t wait to share with you the joy, peace, and love that come from dancing with your family!



Jamie Nangpi Harris

San Diego, Califorina

Jamie started dancing with Grovaroo before the birth of her daughter. At 37 weeks Jamie tried her first class and was hooked! Dancing with your baby creates a special bond between mother & child that will continue throughout your lives. She hopes to share her love of babywearing, dance, and community with you and your little one.




Julia Greensmith

San Diego, California

Julia has danced for most of her life and has a background working with children and adults as an Occupational Therapist. When she became a mom, she enjoyed learning about the benefits of babywearing and loved wearing each of her babies. She feels that Groovaroo is such a wonderful combination of what she is passionate about in life.




Maria Harris

San Diego, California
Maria is a first time mom to a growing daughter. She started dancing with Groovaroo when baby was 3.5 months and now both Maria and her daughter (husband too)can’t get enough of it. She hopes to bring the same joy to other moms and caregivers in the community.


IMG_3511 (1)

Sylvie Lu

San Diego, California
Dance has always been part of Sylvie’s life from ballet, to jazz to latin. She’s never committed long enough to be good but would always have her feet moving everywhere she goes. When she had Chloë, she quickly felt isolated from my other non-moms friends. When she came across a video of early groovaroo classes, she knew she had to try it. Her first class was a family class (Chloë was 12 weeks) and she immediately felt in love with the idea. No need to be a great dancer. All you need is love, soulful and funky music and you get to spend time moving with your family.

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Irene Rhodes

Temecula, California

Irene is a mother of 4 girls and a Certified Babywearing Consultant, Trained GroovaRoo Dance Instructor and currently pursuing her Lactation Educator Counselor certification. She aims to make your baby wearing, dance and lactation experience smooth and harmonized. Keeping you and baby heart to heart.




Denise Ziegler

Parker, Colorado

Denise is a mom to three grown children and a new Grandma. Her love of fitness and dancing drew her to GroovaRoo Dance. She feels it is a loving fun way to connect with her new grandson as well as share the love of exercise and dance with others. Her passion for encouraging and supporting others is evident in her classes.



Wright3515RTP25x7 (1)

Elizabeth Wright

Jacksonville, Florida

Elizabeth believes that dance is a universal language that can bridge spiritual, emotional and cultural barriers while bringing freedom, joy and life. Elizabeth is excited to bring Groovaroo to Florida and looks forward to creating a safe, encouraging and welcoming environment where families can bond with their children by dancing together.




April Hiatt Ahlers

Prospect Heights, Illinois
April started dancing at age three, and hasn’t stopped. She loves dancing and knows how healing it can be. She has two wonderful children whom she has been wearing since birth, and still wears daily. She volunteers with her local babywearing group, and is excited to bring GroovaRoo to the Chicagoland area!


Stephanie Hopkins

Bartlett, Illinois

Mama to two young children, wife, and special education teacher, Stephanie runs her business as a Parent Resource Consultant in her free time. At Red Barn Basics she supports caregivers with car seats, babywearing, and CPR. She is passionate about empowering caregivers and especially new parents on this journey of parenthood. She is excited to bring GroovaRoo to her area and to foster connections among caregivers, babies, and the community.

mandy pic

Mandy Weaver

Chesterton, Indiana

Mandy is a mom (to three boys), a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She has always found joy in dancing and is most passionate about encouraging and supporting other moms. That passion continues to grow by building stronger connections and community through GroovaRoo.



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Jessica Holm

Battle Creek, Michigan
Jessica is 25 years old and a Lead Dance instructor at Center Stage Dance Studio in Battle Creek Michigan, where she grew up dancing as a member of the competitive team
Married to her high school sweetheart, Jessica became a first time mom in 2016. With an extensive background in dance, Jessica wanted to merge motherhood with her love for dance, she was thrilled when she came across Groovaroo’s Facebook video.
Jessica loves the feel good, happy moments in life, like catching fireflies, playing in the rain and dancing with your baby. She is beyond excitied to bring this amazing bonding experience to Battle Creek Michigan, through Groovaroo Dance.


Jessica Epting

New York City, New York
Jessica is a grateful wife to her high school crush, and a home school mother of 4 –  living in New York City. As a ballet instructor for over 20 years, her passion is to create and inspire a love for dancing in her students! She is thrilled to combine her favorite things – dancing, music, family, and community with GroovaRoo!


Sheila Pomroy

New York City, New York

Sheila grew up dancing with her family in Newfoundland, Canada.
After years of formal dance training, she moved to New York City and studied Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Irish And ANY style she could get her hands (and feet) on!  Ultimately, she discovered that her true passion lay in teaching young children and the love and sense of community that is shared while dancing.  She has been teaching children and adults in New York City for over and ten years and is excited to be a part of the GroovaRoo family.


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Lauren Kormanik

Allentown, Pennsylvannia
Lauren grew up dancing and has always found it to bring joy and happiness to her life.  As a new mom, Lauren discovered dance to be such a natural way to connect with her daughter. GroovaRoo provides a perfect, unique opportunity for new and expectant parents and their little ones to bond.  Lauren is excited to bring GroovaRoo to PA and build a supportive community of families that groove together!



Michelle Lloyd

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Michelle is a postpartum doula and newborn care specialist.  She is also a certified teacher with Happiest Baby on the Block.  Michelle loves working with families with newborns, both singletons and multiples.  GroovaRoo is something she feels very passionate about.  The joy of dancing coupled with the community of new parents and parents to be, is something she is excited to bring to Tennessee.


Ashley Mazzanti

San Antonio, Texas

Ashley has been dancing for 27 years, mainly in competitive jazz and contemporary dance. She co-founded and continues to dance with her contemporary dance troupe San Antonio Dance Fringe. Ashley danced throughout her 3 pregnancies and often found herself dancing with her babies while she was Babywearing. In April 2017, Ashley co-founded Babywearing Dancers of San Antonio, TX which started just as a group of fellow babywearers wanting to do a flash mob! The flash mob received so much excitement the group was formed so they could continue to offer Babywearing Dance opportunities in San Antonio. Ashley completed her GroovaRoo Teacher Training Certification to help her group thrive by guiding them in the best techniques for Babywearing dance. Ashley is excited to bring GroovaRoo to her local San Antonio community and help grow and normalize Babywearing (and family) dancing!


Cari Shoemaker

San Antonio, Texas

Cari was born in Alaska and raised in Idaho. As a military spouse she has lived in many states to include Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas. Cari has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a Master’s of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Cari loves dancing with her baby and uses Groovaroo as her preferred method of self care. She loves the way it makes her feel and the special bond it creates with her baby and family.

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Claudia Simonis

San Antonio, Texas

Claudia Simonis is originally from Torreon, Mexico but now living in San Antonio, TX. She is married with two boys (5 and 1).  Heart to heart, connecting with her kids, connecting with her family, friends and the earth, she enjoys dancing, having fun, feels free, happy, and loved.She has always enjoy dancing and is a professional dancer by heart because she does it with passion and love.

Claudia has been inspired since 2015 when she traveled to her hometown in Mexico.  She saw this wonderful women dancing with their babies for a contest. This is when she decided one day that she would be doing that as well. It wasn’t until 2017 when she had her second son that started a group to dance with babies to participate in that same contest she saw two years ago.

She co-founded Babywearing Dancers of San Antonio, TX.  She successfully finished her GroovaRoo training for her group to benefit from it.  She did it to feel more confident to teach a class, learn about babywearing safety and teach all those fun GroovaRoo choreographies we learn. Dancing with her baby is the most wonderful way that she has connected with her son. She would love to teach this practice to every single mom, dad or any caregiver out there.


Kadina Maličbegović

Burlington, Vermont

Kadina Malicbegovic is a Burlington Vermont based artist. As a new mom she is absolutely fascinated with GroovaRoo dancing. “The joy of movement with soulful music, reconnecting with my inner self  and continuous bonding with my baby on a daily basis is jubilant.”

Kadina is also known as the owner and professional painter of the premier canvas, face, body and prenatal belly painting business called Little Artsy Faces. She continues to bringing love, color and smile to her community and is thrilled to add GroovaRoo to her artsy world.

GroovaRoo Pic

Shelby Magnuson

Olympia, Washington
 Shelby became a GroovaRoo instructor because she loves dancing with her family and with others, and she truly believes in the benefits of wearing your baby. Through her dance classes, Shelby desires to provide a community that allows an open space to bond with your baby, bond with other caregivers, and have tons of fun! She invites have moms, dads, grandparents, and any other caregivers come dance as a family.




Maria Chaves

Brisbane, Australia
Hello, I am Maria, a dancer mum who loves to share her passion.  Come to our party dance meetings. Together, we are going to create a fun experience and strengths your beautiful family connection in a safe environment.  No prior dance knowledge is needed. You are all welcome!



Marni Robson

Vancouver, British Columbia

Marni is Artistic Director of ICanDance! Having raised her own family in a whirl of babywearing and dance, she was inspired to bring Meeshi’s and Amber’s GroovaRoo to her community in Canada. She now loves helping new parents discover the depths of joyful attachment attainable through family dance.


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Veronika Kanska

London, England

Vivacious and dynamic, Veronika combines her ardent passion for dancing and her love for children in GroovaRoo – the perfect place to introduce dancing to your child as well as bring the community of young families together. With GroovaRoo, Veronika hopes to help mums/dads bond with their little dance partners through the joy of movement and music.




Susanne Rasmussen

Martofte, Fyn, Denmark

Susanne has always loved dancing and babies, and in GroovaRoo she can join those two passions of hers and she just loves it….
She thinks it is so important to give those precious new lives a loving, secure and good start in life and what can be better than dancing into it as your mom or dads dance partner ❤️


Charul Jain

Gurgaon, India

Charul Jain loves and appreciates the concept of babywearing soul line dance by GroovaRoo, to spread the joy, happiness, bonding and love all over the world while dancing together with family/community. She wants to spread and teach this kind of dance to the parents/caregivers. Groovaroo Dance is a hope and sunshine to all those dancing feet.



Groovaroo Bio Photo

Kayla Aguilera

Okinawa, Japan

Kayla is a southern girl at heart currently living in Okinawa, Japan! Kayla is a mother to her beautiful daughter, Reese, as well as a licensed Speech Language Pathologist. She discovered Groovaroo in sunny San Diego and fell in love with the connection in created between her, her baby, and those around her! She was an avid babywearing enthusiast already, so teaching Groovaroo is just the perfect fit! She is looking forward to sharing the soulful vibes of Groovaroo all across the island of Okinawa!


Nicola Jane Wilson

Edinburgh, Scotland

Nicola runs a variety of birth and baby classes from her home studio in Kirkliston near Edinburgh. She is a Mum of three and has a special interest in early intervention for the emotional wellbeing of babies and their caregivers. GroovaRoo for Nicola is all about love and connection and being uplifted by music and dance. It is about giving babies comfort and security and creating an experience that will transform the days where things feel less than perfect. A warm welcome awaits you.

Judy Bio

Judy Olivier

Cape Town, South Africa

Judy loves life… dancing… and children!  She believes that GroovaRoo is exactly how she can live out these passions… while having FUN and helping people (and babies) to BOND! She is a full-time mommy to two girls and spending time with them, bonding (through playing, dancing and being crazy) is what gives her life meaning.  She is excited to being the first GroovaRoo teacher in South Africa, and hope to encourage more people not only to baby-wear, but also to join her classes and this way having regular heart-to-heart time with their precious little ones.

“Dancing with your family is your birthright. Let’s reclaim it for your family and for future generations to come!”