Our dedicated GroovaRoo certified teachers are helping us spread the movement all around the world.


Ami Kay

Fairhope, Alabama

Ami is a new mom with a passion for helping mothers find joy through dance, as well as creating community and connection. With a background in social work, special education, and music, she wanted to create something of her own while being able to stay home with her daughter. Her 15 years of dance experience includes a variety of dance styles such as country line dancing and salsa. GroovaRoo was a perfect fit to merge her passions and she is excited to be a Groovaroo teacher.

Alison grew up as a competitive dancer in Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary…

Alison Thomsen

Los Angeles, California

Alison grew up as a competitive dancer in Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary for 15 years. She left her passion of dance to pursue a career in the medical field as an EMT. After 5 years in the medical field and the birth of her son, she has rediscovered her passion for dance after attending her first GroovaRoo class in May 2016. GroovaRoo brought happiness and direction to Alison as she battled with Postpartum depression. Alison hopes to bring the same happiness to other moms and caregivers in her area.


Jillian Van Ness

Sacramento, California

Jillian became a GroovaRoo instructor to help people feel empowered, joyful, and at home in their bodies, families, and the world. With a background in music and the arts, she also runs her own Pediatric and Prenatal Aquatic Massage practice in Sacramento, CA. Teaching GroovaRoo classes provides yet another opportunity to support growing families, and is consistently a highlight of her week.


Julia Greensmith

San Diego, California

Julia is a mom to three beautiful children, Laila (7years), Aiden (6 years) and Joshua (2.5years). Her and her husband immigrated from South Africa 7 years ago and have raised our children in sunny California.  Julia has danced for most of her life (ballet, modern jazz, contemporary, Spanish dance) and has a background working with children and adults as an Occupational Therapist. Motherhood is a wonderful blessing and a real passion of Julia’s. When she became a mom, she enjoyed learning about the benefits of babywearing and loved wearing each of her babies. She feels that Groovaroo is such a wonderful combination of what she is passionate about in life.


Anthea Yugawa

San Francisco, California

Anthea believes wholeheartedly that music and dancing feeds the soul and is a natural stress reliever. She began taking classes in jazz and hip hop for recreation as a child and then competed in dance and cheer competitions from elementary school through high school.

Anthea was inspired to become a Groovaroo teacher after taking a hip-hop jazz class in the Spring 2016 that re-sparked her LOVE for dance. She feels that babywearing dance class is the perfect way to blend her passion for dancing to soulful music while connecting with her daughter, Hana (19 months) and other parents and the babywearing community. Her goal is to connect, inspire, and share the sacred space Groovaroo creates.

Anthea studied Human Development and Psychology at UC Davis and completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. She currently works at UCSF as the Deputy Director of the Center for Science, Education and Outreach where she provides academic advising and counseling for 1st generation, underserved, and underrepresented high school students in San Francisco.

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Irene Rhodes

Temecula, California

Irene is a mother of 4 girls and a Certified Babywearing Consultant, Trained GroovaRoo Dance Instructor and currently pursuing her Lactation Educator Counselor certification. She aims to make your baby wearing, dance and lactation experience smooth and harmonized. Keeping you and baby heart to heart.


Denise Ziegler

Parker, Colorado

Denise is a mom to three grown children and a new Grandma. Her love of fitness and dancing drew her to GroovaRoo Dance. She feels it is a loving fun way to connect with her new grandson as well as share the love of exercise and dance with others. Her passion for encouraging and supporting others is evident in her classes. She hopes to draw new moms, dads, and grandparents to come share this love of movement and connection. She’s been a certified Group Fitness instructor for over 30 years leading all types of classes. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and has been practicing massage for over 10 years.


Elizabeth Wright

Jacksonville, Florida

Elizabeth believes that dance is a universal language that can bridge spiritual, emotional and cultural barriers while bringing freedom, joy and life. Elizabeth has danced for over twenty years and is classically trained in ballet, jazz, modern and lyrical technique. Her love of teaching in the studio led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Health Education, with a minor in Exercise Science. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, with a specialization in myofascial release and microcurrent, as well as a Certified Health Education Specialist. Her experience in rehabilitation and biomechanics has proved to be a great foundation for learning and teaching safe babywearing. When she entered motherhood, she decided to combine her passions to share the joy of dance and babywearing with other families in her community. Elizabeth is excited to bring Groovaroo to Florida and looks forward to creating a safe, encouraging and welcoming environment where families can bond with their children by dancing together.

mandy pic


Chesterton, Indiana

Mandy is a mom (to three boys), a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She has always found joy in dancing and is most passionate about encouraging and supporting other moms. That passion began with several years of organizing local support groups for moms and now continues to grow by building stronger connections and community through GroovaRoo.


Charul Jain

Gurgaon, India

Charul Jain is from India. She is a software engineer by profession and DANCE is her PASSION. Dance has always been the inseparable part of her life and she is a natural freestyle dancer who loved to practice various dance forms from childhood.

She totally loves and appreciates the concept of babywearing soul line dance by GroovaRoo, to spread the joy, happiness, bonding and love all over the world while dancing together with family/community. She wants to spread and teach this kind of dance to the parents/caregivers. Groovaroo Dance is a hope and sunshine to all those dancing feet.


Lily Gomez

San Diego, California

With a Mother who was a professional Mexican ballet folkloriko dancer and a Sister who is a well known professional tap dancer in San Diego, Lily’s dance lineage is profoundly manifested every time music touches her heart and soul. Lily began her dance training at the age of six when she was enrolled in tap and jazz classes through the San Diego Civic Dance Arts programs and performed in many recitals at the Casa del Prado theater in Balboa Park. Lily was a 4 year member of Mar Vista High School’s Dance Choreography program where she embraced more styles of dance including hip hop, ballet, and modern and performed as well as competed in events throughout California. Now, as a single mother of two girls, Lily feels GroovaRoo has wholeheartedly enriched her and her family’s lives. Having been raised in the South Bay (San Diego), Lily is delighted at being a Wear Dance Love ambassador and bringing GroovaRoo to South San Diego.


Emily Braun

Austin, Texas

Emily believes that dancing heals the soul in a gentle, loving way.  She needed this after a long and transformational experience with postpartum depression and anxiety. Grateful to now be strong enough to provide this service for other women, she combines her desire to uplift with years of dancing and performance art experience.  Whether it’s to build a network, dance through struggles, or to connect with your child, Emily invites you to experience the love of GroovaRoo in one of her Austin classes.

Shelby & Lily

Shelby Magnuson

Olympia, Washington
Shelby became a GroovaRoo instructor because she loves dancing with her family and with others, and she truly believes in the benefits of wearing your baby. Through her dance classes, Shelby desires to provide a community that allows an open space to bond with your baby, bond with other caregivers, and have tons of fun! She invites have moms, dads, grandparents, and any other caregivers come dance as a family.


Maria Chaves

Brisbane, Australia
Hello, I am Maria, a dancer mum who loves to share her passion.  Come to our party dance meetings. Together, we are going to create a fun experience and strengths your beautiful family connection in a safe environment.  No prior dance knowledge is needed. You are all welcome!


Michelle Lloyd

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Michelle is a postpartum doula and newborn care specialist.  She is also a certified teacher with Happiest Baby on the Block.  Michelle loves working with families with newborns, both singletons and multiples.  GroovaRoo is something she feels very passionate about.  The joy of dancing coupled with the community of new parents and parents to be, is something she is excited to bring to Tennessee.


Maria Harris

San Diego, California
Maria is a first time mom to a 17 month old. She started dancing with Groovaroo when baby was 3.5 months and now both Maria and her daughter (husband too)can’t get enough of it. She hopes to bring the same joy to other moms and caregivers in the community.


Jamie Nangpi Harris

San Diego, Califorina

Jamie began her training in dance at the age of six. She has received training in tap, ballet, lyrical, Irish step, and jazz in San Diego, CA. She also has a background in hula and Tahitian and danced for Pualani’s Hula studio for 10 years. Jamie was part of her high school dance and cheer team throughout her years at Mount Carmel High School and continued to cheer in college while she attended California State University, Fullerton.

Jamie started dancing with Grovaroo before the birth of her daughter. At 37 weeks Jamie tried her first class and was hooked! Dancing with your baby creates a special bond between mother & child that will continue throughout your lives. She hopes to share her love of babywearing, dance, and community with you and your little one.

“Dancing with your family is your birthright. Let’s reclaim it for your family and for future generations to come!”