About GroovaRoo San Diego

Welcome to sunny San Diego where GroovaRoo was first founded!


With the sunny beaches, active lifestyles and tons of family friendly parks, it’s no wonder that many choose San Diego to raise a family. GroovaRoo founders, Amber and Meeshi Anjali, started GroovaRoo when they decided to fuse their love for dance with their expecting family. San Diego’s culture and friendly communities soon caught on to the craze and the original GroovaRoo crew was created.


Over the years, Amber and Meeshi were able to build the community in San Diego and then welcome their son, Aemon! The group of caregivers bonded together while attending performances, flash mobs, workshops, and NBC tapings – just to name a few. When Amber and Meeshi announced that they are training teachers, many flock from all over the world to attend these trainings. But with the grassroots in San Diego, it is no wonder that you will have a group of talented teachers trained right here in San Diego.


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San Diego Schedule

July 2018

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  • GroovaRoo San Diego Class with Julia
  • GroovaRoo San Diego Class with Julia
  • GroovaRoo San Diego Class with Julia
  • GroovaRoo San Diego Class with Julia
  • GroovaRoo San Diego Class with Julia

San Diego Teachers

Aurelia Yee

Certified GroovaRoo Teacher

Aurelia started dancing with her high school colorguard and joined UCSD dancesport team when she was in college. After college, she fell in love with West Coast Swing and has been dancing competitively ever since. When her son was born, she looked for a way to keep on dancing. That’s when she saw a video of a babywearing line dancing group. She did a search and was ecstatic that they are actually teaching in San Diego! She joined one class with Amber and Meeshi and has been hooked ever since. A year of dancing with GroovaRoo, Aurelia decided to take the teacher training. Now, she is excited and happy to continue GroovaRoo classes in San Diego and help bring Amber and Meeshi’s vision to life.

Jamie Nanpi Harris

Certified GroovaRoo Teacher

Jamie began her training in dance at the age of six. She has received training in tap, ballet, lyrical, Irish step, and jazz in San Diego, CA. She also has a background in hula and Tahitian and danced for Pualani’s Hula studio for 10 years. Jamie was part of her high school dance and cheer team throughout her years at Mount Carmel High School and continued to cheer in college while she attended California State University, Fullerton.

Jamie started dancing with Grovaroo before the birth of her daughter. At 37 weeks Jamie tried her first class and was hooked! Dancing with your baby creates a special bond between mother & child that will continue throughout your lives. She hopes to share her love of babywearing, dance, and community with you and your little one.

Julia Greensmith

Certified GroovaRoo Teacher

Julia is a mom to her three beautiful children, Laila (8 years), Aiden (7 years) and Joshua (3.5years). Her and her husband immigrated from South Africa 8 years ago and have raised their children in sunny California.  Julia started dancing at the age of 3 and continued to dance throughout her life. Her experience in dance includes Ballet, Modern jazz, Contemporary dance and Spanish dance. She also completed her Zumba certification. She attended the National School of the Arts for dance in South Africa and later continued to incorporate dance in her life while attending University to study Occupational Therapy. Julia worked in the pediatric field as an Occupational Therapist in SA until 2009, when she immigrated to California.


Julia sees motherhood as wonderful blessing and is her true passion! When she became a mom, she enjoyed learning about the benefits of babywearing and loved wearing each of her babies. She has recently completed her Babywearing Education with The Centre for Babywearing Studies and is in the process of becoming a certified babywearing instructor. Julia has been working at Babies in Bloom, a birth center and boutique from January 2017. She feels that it is such a blessing to be a part of a community where her passions of motherhood, babywearing and dance can be incorporated while connecting and learning first hand from the families who come in and out of the store.


Groovaroo is such a wonderful combination of all the Julia is passionate about and she is so excited to connect with families through this opportunity!

Lily Gomez

Certified GroovaRoo Teacher

With a Mother who was a professional Mexican ballet folkloriko dancer and a Sister who is a well known professional tap dancer in San Diego, Lily’s dance lineage is profoundly manifested every time music touches her heart and soul. Lily began her dance training at the age of six when she was enrolled in tap and jazz classes through the San Diego Civic Dance Arts programs and performed in many recitals at the Casa del Prado theater in Balboa Park. Lily was a 4 year member of Mar Vista High School’s Dance Choreography program where she embraced more styles of dance including hip hop, ballet, and modern and performed as well as competed in events throughout California. Now, as a single mother of two girls, Lily feels GroovaRoo has wholeheartedly enriched her and her family’s lives. Having been raised in the South Bay (San Diego), Lily is delighted at being a Wear Dance Love ambassador and bringing GroovaRoo to South San Diego.

Maria Harris

Certified GroovaRoo Teacher

Maria is a first time mom to a 17 month old. She started dancing with Groovaroo when baby was 3.5 months and now both Maria and her daughter (husband too)can’t get enough of it. She hopes to bring the same joy to other moms and caregivers in the community.

Sylvie Lu

Certified GroovaRoo Teacher
Dance has always been part of Sylvie’s life from ballet, to jazz to latin. She’s never committed long enough to be good but would always have her feet moving everywhere she goes. When she had Chloë, she quickly felt isolated from my other non-moms friends. When she came across a video of early groovaroo classes, she knew she had to try it. Her first class was a family class (Chloë was 12 weeks) and she immediately felt in love with the idea. No need to be a great dancer. All you need is love, soulful and funky music and you get to spend time moving with your family. She took few more classes and felt so much joy and love dancing together with other moms and babies. One thing she noticed, very few babies were crying during the classes. Most of the babes were sleeping or shaking their heads or hands to the beat. She hopes she can spread the love and build a safe and caring community for all the moms in her area.

San Diego Locations

“Dancing with your family is your birthright. Let’s reclaim it for your family and for future generations to come!”