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Our comprehensive 40-hour *GroovaRoo™ 2.0* Teacher Training includes:

1 – How to bond with your baby through movement for the first 1000 days
2 – Prenatal benefits & considerations for dancing with your baby
3 – Postnatal benefits & considerations for dancing with your baby
4 – ACE-approved babywearing movement education for 3 types of carriers
5 – How to move with your baby in the safe and soulful GroovaRoo way
6 – Learn 6 of our most popular dances, plus access to 50+ more instructionals
7 – Access to our Resource Center and international GroovaRoo Teacher’s Forum
8 – Supplemental Opt-in Training through ongoing teacher workshops & webinars

COST: One Payment of $750 -or- Three Monthly Payments of $265*

*Cost does not include any associated PayPal Fees and/or EU Value-Added Taxes

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