Welcome to GroovaRoo ™ Community

We are America’s only babywearing soul line dance crew!

Through the art of dance and the centuries old practice of babywearing, we are fostering personal connection & growth, building the bond between ourselves and our babies, and supporting one another on this crazy fun ride that is caring for our children!


Through passion and education our mission is to spread the love and health benefits of family dancing across the United States and the world!


Each of our GroovaRoo Dance classes is lead by a certified instructor who will teach you how to properly wear your baby, how to move while wearing your baby, all of the amazing physical and mental health benefits that come from babywearing while dancing AND lead you in a fun, low impact dance anyone can do to music you know and love!


We are the only certified (pending with approved soon!) babywearing movement class in the country. We have a panel of industry experts in the subjects of women’s health, psychology, and anthropology who have years of experience and scientific data showing the phenomenal physical and mental health benefits of babywearing and low impact dance from pregnancy through the early years. 

In our GroovaRoo Dance™ classes, we hope to create a safe, sacred and soulful dance experience for you and your baby.


If you are interested in finding a GroovaRoo Dance™ class in your city/country, see our Classes page. If you want more info on how to bring GroovaRoo Dance™ to your area, visit our Teacher Training page.

NBC Nightly News

Watch our original babywearing dance crew featured on NBC Nightly News!

Daddy Dance, Mommy Mingle

Watch the video that got our Daddy crew famous on the internet!


The Original Groovaroo (OG) grooving it in our first viral video to *Fly*

“Dancing with your family is your birthright. Let’s reclaim it for your family and for future generations to come!”